How to Zip and UnZip files and folders online directly on my server's hosting account?

I've tried several ways to zip folders and unzip them online (zip/tar/rar/gzip) but it seems that i'm unable to do so, each format bringing his difficulties...
please tell me what format is best and what tool to use to compress (7zip for exemple doesn't allow multi-file archives in gzip)
Thanks if you can help
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Secure Connection Failed

I'm checking with you just in case.
when it's the first time on a certain machine that i try to connect to virtuozzo on either of my vps, i get warnings regarding the security certificates, exemple:

Secure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.
The certificate is only valid for
The certificate expired on 20/6/2551 19:19.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate)

* This could be a problem with the server's configuration, or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server.

* If you have connected to this server successfully in the past, the error may be temporary, and you can try again later.

It's probably nothing, but I'm checking with you just in case

Posted On: 19 Sep 2008 01:31 AM

Servers use their internal security certificate.You will get that message every time.It is nothing to worry about.





Note: in this case my computer clock was set to default and was making all security certificates look awkward to my browsers

Website Content Theft and Copyright Policies from Main Hosting Companies

I'd like to know if Web Hosts offer any kind of support in case of stolen content.
all my websites have been copied on this spam website such as:
is there some action that hfw can do to have this wesite banned from search engines or something?
if not, its IP is but it's probably a fake one... is there a way to really track origin IP of this website and block the IP from which they crawl and copy my data?
Posted On: 06 Nov 2008 02:05 AM

Unfortunately we and most hosts do not provide this kind of support,since it is not related to the hosting company itself.You need to report that to the abuse of the hosting company that hosts that site.

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