Difference Between Shared Hosting and VPS

At some point in the future I may have to upgrade to VPS
going through knowledge base, i saw:
"No, RvSkin Cpanel Theme and Fantastico is part of regular reseller accounts. VPS accounts require to purchase license for these software. You can order it from HostForWeb, or directly from rvskin and fantastico shops."
Does that mean that I'm not going to be able to manage my websites easily like I can now with the little knowledge I have?
How much does it cost to have those back? do you make the installation?
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Hostforweb Vs Mega Hosts

Some friends keep on bugging me saying that I pay 250$ per year for 15GB of disk space while they pay 100$ per year plus 10$ per additional account for 750GB of space and 7500GB of bandwidth... (they all use siteground)
I answer that your service is excellent but my friends say that their host's is as well...
so apart from the inlimited account thing, what's the catch with these guys? how can they afford to give so much space and bandwidth?
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Questions about VPS Hosting and Mailing

hi, I'm thinking about upgrading to vp from my reseller's account, but before i do that i got some questions for you...
1/I understood that with my reseller's account i can send max 500 emails per hour, what is the maximum with VP?

2/Is there an outside body upstream of HFW taht monitors mail traffic and could block it if I'm sending say 20.000 emails in a couple of hours? (I dont intend to spam, my mailing list is well targetted... but i might have 25 % that dont exist anymore.... can taht become a problem for my accout / for your server / for a third party that would brand me as spammer....) well... really that question means "what's the best way to make my mailing and stay in the norms?"

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