SEO Tools

Here are some useful tools that I use for SEO:


1: For networking presence I use Social 2S Plugin that allows to share and like articles but also Virtuemart products. It has a nice variety of Networking solutions and includes important secondary ones such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Open Code and VK.

You can download that extension here:



2: Controlling your work progress:

Joomla ExtensionOver time I’ve tried many different rank tracking tools, in various price ranges. In addition to affordable price, obviously, accuracy is the most important consideration. Other factors such as rank frequency (daily, weekly or monthly), available search engine options (such as Google, Google Mobile, Google Maps, Bing, Yandex, Youtube, itunes, Google Play, etc.), ranking reports, SEO audit tools, traffic analytics and more recently social analytics, must also be considered along with the quality of customer support when selecting SEO and marketing software that you plan to use for a long time.


While trying out a variety of different rank tracking tools, about a handful of them have been good for certain aspects of my needs. But the one that provides all the SEO and marketing reports and tools that I need is the Rank Ranger SEO Platform, with packages starting from $15 a month.  I do recommend them to any SEO marketer.

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