Hostforweb Vs Mega Hosts

Some friends keep on bugging me saying that I pay 250$ per year for 15GB of disk space while they pay 100$ per year plus 10$ per additional account for 750GB of space and 7500GB of bandwidth... (they all use siteground)
I answer that your service is excellent but my friends say that their host's is as well...
so apart from the inlimited account thing, what's the catch with these guys? how can they afford to give so much space and bandwidth?
as per my limited knowledge it all looks the same apart from the space thing...
Or maybe hfw is about to increase the package quotas?
what do I have to say about that?

Unfortunately I am not sure we should be able to answer those questions, each hosting company has their own policies and hosting plans. We are not able to say for sure the pros and cons of another hosting company or how they are able to provide their costs and services.

Your answer came so fast
this is the reason why I'm paying a little more, I know
these guys deserve a try though, might it only be for storing purpose...
Thanks a lot, i'm not planning to go nowhere anyway

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