Accessing PHP Error Logs / Joomla page not load

I'm working on a sofware on this url and I'm getting problems with php pages not reloading properly on submits.
Support for the software is asking me to check the logs:
"Check your apache/php error log, it might give you a clue as to which file has a bug in it in there"
I went on the Cpanel to find something but can't because I guess I don't have access to that kind of report.

Please tell me what I should do

Please check in Cpanel, for Analysis and Log files, under that you will see an option For Error logs.

This will output the errors pertaining to your account.
Please let us know if we can further assist you.


Thank you for your reply
I looked in this log already and I hope there are other logs to view.
My software support told me this after I forwarded what's in the Cpanel Error Log:
"Ok, the below is the apache error log (sometimes apache puts php error reports into it's own log) now you need to look and see if there's a php error log you can look into for clues."How can I have access to these logs please

Hi Matthieu,

There are no extra error logs.

If you be more specific, we can check the error manually for you, but you will need to provide when you are receiving the errors (what script/s causes the error).

Let us know if you need further help.
Best regards,

I'll be as specific as I can
It happens on all scripts that modify the database on

One exemple: i go to
which is where I think managed by a minicomponent of a core software.
The save button says
when I press it it saves the data but doesn't redirect me to the url I'm supposed to go and the minicomponent doesn't reload... if logged in at front end joomla reloads without the minicomponent, if logged in as admin the whole thing wouldnt reload... 100% of the times on all of this software's minicomponents

Is that enough info to know where to look into?
Thanks if you have time to look into my problem


the page which you provided requires to be logged in to procede, can you please provide us the login information so we can reproduce this error and check the logs.



if you save someting don't worry, you dont have to reverse it

Thanks a lot


I was not able to reproduce this error with URL you provided (I found no errors on the page), however can you provide me with exact steps to reproduce it, meaning category and links needed to be used.

I don't understand. if you say that when you edit and save data then the module reloads..
I tried on 3 pc with different versions of windows and different browsers
and I guarantee you that the module doenst reload... no error message is displayed though
and it's every feature on every page, if I save, it doesnt' reload
and it happens only to me according to developper while instll is clean and thre been no modification
sorry to insist
have you tried to create a room type and save it ... and the component reloaded after save without your intervention again (not talking about joomla itself but the component)
If you tell me that it works for you and not for me then I'm in big trouble because I don't know where to look then.


module does not reload it instead opens a blank page, but there are no errors in apache error log.
Basically it doesn't produce any errors it just loads blank portion of page right of the menu.

You should contact Joomla support for further support for this issue and ask them why could this be happening.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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